11: Adhesives

I walk, run, bike, hike, lift, swim, paddle, practice yoga, and sit in the occasional stressful meeting at work.  The last thing I need to worry about is having sweat ruin the careful placement of my wig.  Especially in yoga, where the name of the game is mindfulness and relaxation, I don’t need to feel my wig slip off in the middle of Down Dog or a head stand.  Of course, one might argue that one shouldn’t be so attached to one’s physical appearance, especially in yoga, of all places, and that one could really use these conditions to enhance one’s inner strength and understanding of “truth.”  However, from my humble vantage point, Alopecia provides quite enough soul-enhancing challenges on a continual basis, all on its own, thank you very much, and sometimes a girl just wants to enjoy yoga like everyone else.  Also, as I’m not yet enlightened, it’s adhesives and wigs for me.

Most of the custom wigs I’ve had have had a silicone band built into the perimeter.  This is perfect for affixing Double-Sided Scotch tape ®.  I love this stuff because it’s quick and easy to apply, and I can trust my wig isn’t going to blow away in the wind, or fall off when I’m feeling sweaty, which, in Virginia, happens a lot.

If I anticipate sweating more, I use Top Stick ®, applying pieces to the front and back silicone areas of my wig to stave off slippage.  Sometimes I sweat so much that not even Top Stick will do.  In those instances I’ll wrap a light scarf around my head (I’ve made my own using cotton scarves, cutting them in half or in thirds, and sewing the edges in a rolled stitch), tying the knot into my ponytail.

The only other type of wig I’ve worn, for the last four months, is a lace front.  These require a different game plan.  So, remember that thing I said in my vlog about using any old lace front tape?  Like the kind I got at a random wig store in town?  NEWS FLASH TO MYSELF: I was so terribly wrong!  The stuff wrecked the front of my prosthetic such that it now resembles the snowflakes that cascade down your TV screen on a winter blow-out sale commercial.

If I haven’t sweated the glue right off the tape, which makes removing it really easy, I’ll remove it in the sink I’ve prepped for washing my wig.  I’ve used Fray Check ® to stop the tears, but after realizing it turns white upon drying, unless used sparingly and sort of smudged into the fabric  (which of course I didn’t know until after several trials and errors), have turned to Gorilla Super Glue ®.  As the name implies, one would do well to use this product sparingly.

For adhering the front of your wig, save yourself the fate of “trying to make your new $400 synthetic wig last until your new custom comes in,” like me, and stick with Lace FX ®, or another product that doesn’t come in a random plastic baggie from someone you don’t know.  Double-Sided Scotch Tape ® still works for the back and sides, but I’ve had to sew tape patches onto the ear tabs and back of my wig to affix the tape.

Who knew having Alopecia could be so, what’s the word…enlightening?  Glad to have you along for the ride.

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