12: Support for Students

Trying to understand why we live in a world where kids have to grow up dealing with adult problems like losing their hair is a spiritual exercise I haven’t yet wrapped my head around.  Until then, there’s help for kids in schools through a 504 Plan, which opens the door to accommodations to help them navigate the social and emotional pressures they may face as a result of having Alopecia, and that may distract them from being the best student they can be.

A doctor’s note is typically the key to opening this door, as well as having a conversation with a student’s guidance counselor, or another administrator, depending on a school’s leadership structure.  Counselors/administrators might initiate the qualification meeting, and spell out what accommodations may be helpful, such as wearing a hat or bandana.  Especially if wearing these items goes against school policy, but would make a world of difference for a kid’s ability to focus on learning (rather than on how cold, or singled out, or “less than” they feel), there’s 504 Plan to the rescue!

Go to https://www.understood.org/en/school-learning/special-services/504-plan/understanding-504-plans for more information.

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