7. Treatment Part 2

The following is a list of treatment modalities I’ve tried that, while some ultimately weren’t successful, did yield positive, if only short-term (six months) results.  The last one listed here is still in its “trial” phase, and I think it’ll be a keeper, even if my hair doesn’t return.

  1. Nutrition Response Testing (helped my hair grow for six whole months!)
  2. Functional Medicine (helped get rid of a systemic fungal infection I’d had for years, among other things)
  3. Newest experiment as of 10/2017: Cannabidiol (CBD oil), derived from the marijuana plant, and much more potent than CBD hemp oil, has helped reduce inflammation in my gut, which I know because I can digest dairy, wheat and grains without volcanic rumblings in my lower half. Because I’m digesting what I eat, really for the first time since alopecia struck, my cute little intestines are happily absorbing the good food I feed my body.  Avoiding Malnourishment Mode is always a good thing.  Don’t worry, unlike THC, CBD oil will NOT make you high.

In order to obtain this medicine I had to apply for a medical marijuana card, which involved finding a medical doctor who would help me jump through a few hoops (i.e. stating I had one of the few, State-approved, and mostly pain-related medical conditions, which I sort of do).  Once my application was in, however, it only took a few weeks to get the card in the mail and start using it at my local dispensary.  Where I live, the card is good for one year, after which time I need to reapply, but just the changes to my gut alone are well worth the effort there.

To see the youtube video associated with this post, click here.


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