33: Xeljanz Update

So, after a lot of excitement and hope to the contrary my experience with Xeljanz wasn’t life-changing as I thought it’d be. But, don’t lose hope! The drug works for 75% of the alopecian population, and there IS a drug that will be FDA approved, hopefully this year, specifically for the treatment of alopecia. I can’t believe I’ve written those words, but there they are!

As an alternative to Xeljanz, my dermatologist advised me taking Jakafi, but after a lot of phone calls and emails to my insurance company, I learned they wouldn’t approve it because I don’t have one of the myriad, and very serious, ailments for which the drug is used. I’m grateful for that, but also bummed that I can’t get my hands on what is more likely to be the silver bullet I’d hoped Xeljanz was. If I had $60,000 lying around it’d be no problem, but alas, I’m not that flush.

Contrary to what I said in my Vlog, you CAN’T get Jakafi through Arman in Bangladesh. But, you CAN get Baricitinib through Arifa. THe drug works in a similar way to Jakafi, via the JAK 1 and 2 pathway of the immune system, versus JAK 1 and 3 with Xeljanz, so some of us who don’t respond to Xeljanz are trying it.

The pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh, which I believe is a satellite of Beacon Pharma, charges $118 a bottle for a 30-day supply, and, not knowing for sure if it’ll actually help me (my dermatologist thinks it wouldn’t) I’m not willing to pony up any more of my hard-earned cash in the name of addressing my disease.

However, if you’d like to give it a shot, you can contact:

Arifa Mouree at mouree@beaconmedicare.com.bd

I believe you may have to pay through your bank, rather than through a traditional online payment. Good luck if you decide to go down that road.

Ever onward!


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