32: Free Wigs for Kids and Hair Loss Products for Adults

Several months ago I learned of an amazing resource found at http://www.prettywigstoyou.com. Its founder, Heather Scott, has lived with Alopecia since the age of three, and has made it her mission to profide free wigs to every child who needs one.

Her business offers discounted wigs from Wigs.com, a clearance section for wigs that can’t be sold as brand new, but are basically just that, and at significantly reduced prices, a 15% discount for new customers, and a subcription to something called the Helper Hair Box (HHB). These boxes are individualized to the purchaser, and come in regular installments full of stylish head coverings, makeup, hats and positive messages about being without hair.

For every six HHBs purchased Ms. Scott sends one free box to a child. For every twelve HHBs purchased, she provides a free wig for a child. Who can’t stand behind something so wonderful? I hope it’s a useful resource to you or anyone you know who’s living with hair loss.


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