29. Hair Care Products Revisited

I recently got a new cranial prosthetic and, during my styling appointment, my hairdresser, Alanea Manuel, turned me on to a few new products she has begun using on her clients with extensions.  They’re meant to deeply and safely clean and condition highly processed hair, like what we have in our wigs.  The products are:

  1. Aqua shampoo and conditioner
  2. Milbon Luminous Bodifying Oil
  3. Kevin Murray Un.Tangled leave-in conditioner and detangler. I use this on my wet, washed hair and comb it through before setting my wig out to dry.  But Alanea says I’d get the best results by combing/brushing it through with a hair dryer.


I’ve been using these products on my old wig, which is the one I still wear because me and my new wig are working out the kinks in our relationship.  The stuff makes the hair feel soft and silky, more manageable, and the best part is that the oil and detangler can be applied to dry hair.  So, after several days of having washed my wig and when it starts to dry out, I can weave that product through and get the hair back to normal.


Here’s hoping it helps you and your wigs, too!


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