22: Wig Care Revisited

A new friend of mine who has alopecia recently turned told me about some great hair care products for human hair wigs.  I’ve used them, think they give amazing results, and didn’t want to keep the information about them all to myself!  One caveat is that they’re expensive.  Just shampoo, conditioner, and ends treatment cost me $109.00.  I bought them at a salon in Washington, DC, so they may be less expensive elsewhere, but I can attest to the fact that the products will last me for years.  And since we all know how expensive wigs are, especially custom human hair wigs, we want them to last as long as possible!  The following products should help in that regard:

Plarmia Hair Serum Shampoo

Milbon Restorative Treatment Conditioner

Kerastase nutritive treatment (which can be used on your ends or throughout your hair)

The same advice applies as in my first vlog on this topic (#10) with regards to washing: use cool water and rinse in luke warm or cool before soaking your wig in, or applying, conditioner.

May these products lengthen the life of your prosthetics so you can focus on other things besides how you’re going to get a new wig paid for.  Happy Spring, and I’ll talk to you next month!


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