15: Supporting Friends or Family Who Have Alopecia

Simply put, show up.  When you do so you communicate that you’re strong, that you disagree with your friend’s or loved one’s deepest insecurities, and that you love them no matter how unpleasant and unfun they’re being.  You help them remember they’re not alone, and that amidst the chaos that significant life changes can bring, the most important things are still constant.  It’s in those moments when we’re our worst selves, and are accepted and supported anyway, that means the most.

You don’t need to say the “right” thing, to know the “right” doctors or the “right” treatments.  All you need to do is lend an ear, and give the gift of your presence.  Especially in our go-go-go world, when human connection seems to become more stratified by the second, taking the time to truly be with someone in their moment of need is a Godsend, and, I think, the greatest act of love and friendship you can give.  In doing so, you not only reassure someone that you’re there for them, but you also provide the space for them to have hope that they’ll be OK.  And in my experience, it’s that tiny space from which security returns and growth happens.

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P.S. Sorry for the pinging you may have heard in the background.  The beginnings of  Hurricane Michael were passing over my roof!


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