9. Making the Most of Makeup

When it comes to makeup, my eyes (including my eyebrows) are the one feature of my face on which I focus most of my morning-prep energy.  After using, and hating, eyebrow powder and pencil for many years, I decided to take the plunge and get my eyebrows microbladed.  However, this decision didn’t come without many weeks of debating the pros and cons.

On the Con side: I’d be tattooing my face.  Considering I’m the kind of person who was only bad-ass enough to get a henna tattoo a few times in my life, that was pretty huge one.  Also, it cost $500 bucks, which is no small chunk o’ change.  Oh, and it would draw a small bit of blood.  Ew!

The Pro side: I could get ready for work with one less makeup ordeal to deal with, for 18 whole months!  I could sweat and not lose my eyebrows.  I could have greasy skin, and not lose my eyebrows.  I could rub my eyes, and not lose my eyebrows.  I could swim, shower, sleep, preferably next to a kind, gentle, handsome, and successful man who doesn’t care that I don’t have my own eyebrows, and not lose my eyebrows.

Guess what.  Pro side won.

While the color has faded a bit since they were first tattooed, and I use powder and pencil to embolden their look, I haven’t looked back on taking the plunge to microblade.  If you’re considering getting the procedure done, I’m here to tell you it’s not terrible, and yields fabulous, make-you-less-self-conscious results.

Some simple eye and eyebrow makeup products I use are an eye shadow and eye liner pen by Covergirl, as well as eyebrow pencil and powder.  I find these products are the least expensive and of good quality.  Because I still have my eye lashes, I only use mascara (also by Covergirl) to enhance them, and don’t know about the best false eyelashes to buy.  I’ve noticed, however, the options range from Unassuming Girl-Next-Door, to Party-Girl Sassy. If you need eyelashes, consult your local CVS or Rite Aide, and have fun adding them to your wardrobe!

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