5. Sticking up for yourself

Even though there is no cure for alopecia yet, I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to give up looking for new therapies that might help you in some way.  Had I listened to the nay-sayers, I may never have experienced months of hair re-growth, and I know for sure that I would have felt much more depressed and negative over what often feels like an isolating problem.  There are true healers in the world, and to give up on finding one would be like denying yourself air.

We Alopecians won’t be cured until some really good, smart, dedicated people find the key to this autoimmune puzzle.  And we certainly won’t be cured if we accept the strident and negative statements some doctors make about our fate, or implications made about being worthy of help, solely because there’s no cure.

You know yourself and your symptoms better than anyone.  Follow your gut, ask questions, and do right by Hope, whatever that looks like for you.

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