4. Happiness Part 2

If the aforementioned exercise left you thinking I’m a big fat Pollyanna, hear me out.  There’s another way to apply the steps, by working on strengths you want to possess, or adjectives you wish others identified with you, but don’t yet.

Personally, the really big lesson Life taught me via Alopecia is that I wasn’t as resilient or self-confident as I thought I was.  And how could I have known the weaknesses in my belief system?  No one who’s coasted through life without the kind of struggle that makes you want to cry every day for years has any idea what real struggle looks and feels like, or how it strips your perspective down to baseline.

Now, resilience and self-confidence look very different to me, and they continue to be my growing edges.  Prime and continuous examples are the messages I tell myself about the physical beauty, and by default, the value, I possess as a bald, single woman.  I’ve learned that the thoughts I think on a regular basis inform my words and actions, which in turn informs how people, single men included, think of me.  Instead of feeling ugly for being bald, I can see the beauty in my new look, and the strength I exude when I don’t cover it up.

Using the same techniques outlined above, list the qualities you want to possess, and take action to build the behaviors and belief systems you need to truly embody them.

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