1. “What’s Alopecian Life all about?”, you ask?

Thank you for visiting my Alopecian Life site.  I intend for this platform to serve as a support and resource for those who have alopecia, those in the medical community who work with them, and those who care about them as family and friends.

As I mentioned in my vlog, I’ve had alopecia since I was nine months old after an almost fatal allergic reaction to milk.  Despite getting the occasional bald spot every few years, my hair grew normally, until my 30th birthday back in 2005.  Since 2015, I’ve been consistently bald and have worn wigs.  In the 13 years since this disease changed my life, I’ve arrived at a stronger and more confident place personally, and hope the wisdom I’ve gained from my own journey with this disease serves as validation regarding what you may be challenged with right now, and as a working example of how life goes on even after you lose your hair.

There’s a lot of life to live, and a lot of love to give.  I’m looking forward to meeting the online community out there!

To watch the youtube video associated with this post, click here.



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